Car Care Products

Car Care Products

Om Car Accessories supplies the best car wax, car care products, car polishes and car care products which will bring out the perfect finish on your car and increase shining and life of your car interiors and exteriors We have choosen only the BEST car waxes, polishes and protectants to sell to our customers. We cater to the widest range of Car Care Products of world renowned brands like Formula 1, 3M, waxpol, Cyclo and Motomax etc. Our goal is simple, to provide the very best car care products from around the world and bring them to your door. Whether you are looking for the best car wax or the best car polish we have a range of quality products that we guarantee will leave you with amazing results

Protect your vehicle from:

  • Tough Dirt and Grime
  • Sticky Road Tar
  • Unsightly Brake Dust
  • Harmful Acid Rain

Formula 1 Products

Formula1 Car Care products

Formula 1 High Performance Auto Care Products offer a solution to every auto cleaning and protecting need.

Inside or outside, Formula 1 will help you clean, shine and protect your vehicle with products that are fast and easy to use.

Formula 1 wax products feature Carnauba Wax - the world's hardest natural wax - that shines up to 12 months.

Use Formula 1 for the longest-lasting shine and protection.

3M Products

3M Car Care products

3M provides an extensive line of vehicle appearance maintenance products for car owners, car enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers, including wax, cleaners, rubbing compounds, hand glaze, swirl mark remover, gloss enhancer, plastic cleaner and polish.

3M Car Care offers a comprehensive and superior range of car care solutions from 3M - world leader in technology and innovation. Trusted by the experts and endorsed by professionals globally. In India, 3M Car Care is officially endorsed and recommended by all major car manufacturers. 

Waxpol Products

Waxpol Car Care products

Waxpol is the pioneer in the country in the manufacture and marketing of Car Polishes, Car Care Products, Speciality Oils, Lubricants and Greases, etc., under the brand name waxpol.

From its humble beginning with one single product, viz., Auto Polish, the Company, in course of time, diversified its range of products and presently manufacturing and marketing a broad spectrum of products

Turtle Wax Products

Turtle Wax Car Care products

Turtle Wax provides Enhanced Performance for Traditional Car Care. It has tried & true products that deliver superior results for all car care needs. It provides Maximum performance as it is infused with high quality ingredients to deliver maximum performance.



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