Car Mats as per car make & model

Rubber mats for car

Om Car Accessories sell Car mats of high quality of different types like 3D Mats, 4D Mats, 5D Mats, 7D Mats, Curly Noodle Car Mats and floor lamination. Car floor mats protect the interior of the car from water, road salt, snow and dirt. There are different types of car floor mats for different weather conditions and climates.
Each type of mat is designed for a different environment and all can be purchased in a wide range of colors and styles designed to match your car interior.

Apart from making the interiors more appealing, proper Car mats increases the life of original fixed mats of cars. Also it saves a lot of time in cleaning the car as these mats can be easily taken out and cleaned as per the needs.

Elegant Mats

Elegant Carpet Mats

We sell high quality Mats for your cars as per its interiors and make/model. Elegant mats are easily washable and truly comfortable with elegant appearance. As these mats are specific to car make & model, so it completely covers the complete area where the feet are placed. Some of the features of the carpet foot mat offered are:

  • Strong and washable
  • Anti-skid backing
  • No slipping
  • No bunching
  • Additional sturdy vinyl/carpet Heel pad on Driver’s side for longer life
  • Easy cleaning
  • Available in different colours & designs

Rubber & Clear Mats

Rubber car Mats

We sell good quality of rubber & clear floor mats having latest designs and patterns which provides a new outlook to the interior of the car . These mats are of high quality which are least affected by weather. These mats has borders which prevents the dust from spreading on to the carpets beneth these mats. Also these mats protects carpet mats in rainy days. These mats have big spokes which prevents these mats from slipping. ALso these mats are heavy in quality which keeps them at 1 position and prevents folding. These are made from high quality of raw material which ensure durability. 

These mats are generally universal and comes in different colors, sizes and design patterns as per the needs.These mats comes in packing of 4/5 pieces.

Car 3d/4d Mats

3D/4D car Mats

We are offering our customers a wide range of 3D/4D Car Mats. These mats are designed very carefully by designer and also in accordance with different models. These mats keep away from the dust and are Easy to clean and wash. It is very useful and waterproof very well. These are Wear-resistant, durable and do not have worry about pad delamination occurs.

These 3d mats perfect fits the car floor with raised edge, keep the cars' original floor carpet clean. These car specific mats are anti-slip mats and very durable. They Efficiently protect the car from dirt, mud, snow, water & oi and arel Environmentally friendly, non toxic, odorless.

Car 5d Mats

5D car Mats

5D Car mats offer following features:
1. Crocodile Leather Texture
2. Custom made as per car's Specifications.
3. Heel pad on driving side mat to provide maximum safety while driving the car
4. Fits perfectly from edge to edge.
5. Quick and Easy to install.
6. 100% waterproof.
7. Highly Durable.
8. Adds Elegance to car's interiors.
9. Non-Toxic.
10. Washable with water or soap.
11. Anti-Slip Backing and Fitting.
12. Bottom Layer Keeps Mats in Place Without Harming Original Carpet.
13. Available in 2 color options.

Car 7d Mats

7D car Mats

7D Car mats offer following features:
1. New Luxurious Design and Texture
2. Custom made as per car's Specifications
3. 2 Layers of mats
4. Non Slippery
5. Fits perfectly from edge to edge
6. 100% waterproof
7. Highly durable
8. Thick layer of coil mat to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness
9. Adds Elegance to car's interiors.
10. Non-Toxic
11. Available in different colors
11. Very little maintenance such as cleaning and wiping dirt and dust from its surface.

Car Moulded Flooring

Car Matting/Flooring

Car Flooring is designed and moulded as per car interior floor size and shape. Its perfect installation provides premium finish to car interiors.

The product is a customized moulded laminated flooring which can be easily fitted. The moulded laminated flooring is made of a polymer which is resilient and tough enough to withstand all the mechanical, chemical and environmental abuses it has to face.

Curly Noodle Car Mats

Car Noodle/Grass Mats

Curly Noodle Car Mats offer following features:
1. 100% Water Resistant: Protects the car from water, Oil, dirt, mud, dust, snow.
2. Anti-slip layer: Provides maximum safety while driving; Durable Product.
3. Waterproof, fire resistance, dust-proof, shock and sound absorbent
4. Premium Finish and Plus Look
5. Fits perfectly from edge to edge
6. 100% waterproof
7. Highly durable
8. Thick layer of coil mat to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness
9. Fits all cars
10. Non-Toxic
11. Available in different colors
12. Water/liquid trapping capacity is good.
13. Spongy, cushioned feel for the feet when resting them on these mats increases comfort.



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